Tips for Taming Negative Self-Talk from an Eating Disorder Specialist

Negative self-talk is central to a range of mental and emotional problems, and eating disorders are no exception. While self-help techniques are no substitute for therapy from a qualified eating disorder specialist, working on controlling your negative self-talk can help you succeed in your eating disorder treatment program. It’s normal to process information through the... Read More

What’s Your Best Option for Eating Disorders Counseling?

Without treatment, eating disorders can be life-threatening. If you or someone close to you is struggling with bulimia, anorexia, binge eating disorder or another eating disorder, a combination of nutrition education and eating disorders counseling can help you or they recover. Because eating disorders can have such a devastating effect on physical health, other medical... Read More

Insurers Must Cover Eating Disorder Treatment Programs, Says CA Court

A California court of appeals has told state insurers that they must cover residential eating disorder treatment programs. State law requires health insurance providers to cover all forms of treatment deemed medically necessary for a number of specific severe mental illnesses. Among them, the law specifies anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia and bulimia commonly require their... Read More