Stop Feeding Your Feelings

Emotional eating accounts for 75 percent of overeating. If you’re trying to lose weight, eating emotionally can derail your diet plans – and it’s at the root of binge eating disorder. Emotional eating treatment can help you learn to recognize the signs of emotional eating and cope with your feelings in ways that don’t involve... Read More

The Role Facebook Plays in Eating Disorders

According to a groundbreaking new study from Florida State University, Facebook use could aggravate symptoms in women who suffer from eating disorders. A team of researchers led by Department of Psychology student Annelise Mabe found that Facebook’s photo-sharing capabilities can heighten anxiety about body shape and weight in women who are undergoing treatment for eating... Read More

Former Miss America Promotes Eating Disorder Treatment and Awareness

Since winning the Miss America pageant at the age of 19, former beauty queen Kirsten Haglund has used the platform to spread awareness about eating disorders and eating disorder treatment. Her organization, the Kirsten Haglund Foundation, offers financial aid to young men and women struggling with eating disorders. A Personal Battle with Anorexia Ms. Haglund’s... Read More