Mindful Activity and Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps center and focus the mind while promoting physical health and well-being through breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific poses. Its numerous benefits include relaxation, stress relief, improved mood, increased lung capacity, and greater flexibility and strength.

At the Delray Center for Healing, yogic practice is an integral part of our Eating Disorders Program, contributing to a sense of balance and overall wellness for our patients. Our certified instructors are sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of our clients, and adjust the flow and intensity of each class to ensure both a positive and personalized experience.

On our campus we have not one but two distinct yoga studios:

Bamboo Garden Yoga features both a traditional indoor studio, as well as an outdoor studio set in a real bamboo garden. Bamboo Garden’s 750 square foot outdoor deck is fully equipped with cooling fans and beautiful lighting to allow for total comfort and serenity, while immersing practitioners in a natural setting. Styles of yoga offered include Sunrise, Restorative, Pilates, Budokon, Gentle, Vinyasa, Meditation, and Open Hatha Yoga sessions.

Delray Aerial Yoga offers a unique yoga experience, appropriate even for beginners. A soft hammock hung from the ceiling aids in balance while gravity contributes to deeper stretches, increased flexibility and joint mobility, spinal decompression and improved spinal alignment and posture. Aerial yoga incorporates both traditional yoga poses with poses designed especially for the aerial hammock. It is a form of zero-compression inversion therapy, which can help lower blood pressure, fight depression, reduce anxiety and stress and even aid in treating insomnia.